and thus the whirligig of time brings in his revenges

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Lisa Marie
10 July 1990
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Hi, there!

I'm a gal who watches too much TV. (:

{30 rock. angel. avatar: the last airbender. bandom. battlestar galactica. the black donnellys. the boondock saints. buffy the vampire slayer. community. dead like me. doctor who. firefly. good omens. harry potter. heroes. house. merlin. the office (us). pushing daisies. scrubs. sherlock. supernatural. teen titans. torchwood. true blood. veronica mars. wonderfalls. x-men. }


I love her and I would honestly die if she spontaneously combusted one day.

She'll make you pee in your pants, and you'll die laughing. SEVERAL TIMES.

Her hair smells good.

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