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Lisa Marie
25 August 2010 @ 08:03 pm
Well, I've just gone and rewatched Doctor Who season five, what with Eleven being so lovely.

Thus I am at the moment feeling the fantastic, funny, gorgeous Rory love particularly keenly. I am not one for Doctor Who fic. Yet I've found that Rory's point of view is wonderful to read, so I have four Rory POV recs to share in the hopes that some of you might discover a similar affinity.

Seventeen Things That Happen to Rory Williams, After, (eventual Rory/Eleven; past Rory/Amy), by scribe (AO3)
In which Amy dies and Rory, eventually, keeps going.
# (Doesn't spoil for much, except that Rory exists and he loves Amy Pond.) Utterly satisfying, & fucking devastating. Eventually comes a beautiful, healthy dose of funny and optimistic, much in the style of the show itself. :) Please do not let the summary/pairing scare you off - it's a gorgeous piece, I cannot rec it enough. Didn't spot the Rory/Eleven label myself, so it snuck up on me, but very slowly and naturally, as these things should. The whole thing feels right; the awful grief, Rory figuring out how he can keep on being, Rory as a companion, his particular insights into the Doctor, and adventures, because the Doctor is the Doctor, after all.

Vita Longa, (Rory/Amy/Eleven), by sam_storyteller
Rufus Atius Ferox remembers two childhoods.
# (SPOILERS for the second half of S5.) I've been craving fic that addresses the fact that Rory now has the memories of several timelines (Three? Four?) rattling around in his head. Not even the psychological issues, but just...He woke up Roman. ("Head full of Roman...stuff. A whole other life.") And then he lived for another two thousand years. What what does he remember? This fic talks about all that, and Rory's original growing-up, and what is to follow, and it's so great, you guys. So so great.

A Good Cup of Tea Solves Everything, (Rory/Eleven/Amy), [NC-17], by toestastegood
Rory is the first to notice that something is different.
# This has precisely the dynamic this OT3 calls for. I adore the way they want each other to be happy, the way they make each other happy.

Swirling, Twirly, Blue-Thing Knobs, (Rory/Eleven/Amy), by toestastegood
"You come into people's lives, Doctor, and you change everything. I don't think you even understand that, not really."
# Shortish, and a very nice look at what Rory thinks of Amy and the Doctor, confusion and jealousy and understanding, because Rory is rather perceptive, more than most when it comes to the Doctor, I think.

~If you've any Rory recs, do share as well. ♥


Lisa Marie
11 August 2010 @ 02:42 pm
While I rewatch the last scene of The Great Game for the 17293th time, have some recs! There are a lot. Believe it or not, this is me being rather picky, which may show how much Sherlock fic I've been mainlining for the past two weeks.

Everything's either Sherlock/John (S/J) or gen/preslash, labeled S&J (to me gen and preslash are the same thing, sorry).

Tried to warn, but may have missed, so please take note of their summaries if you click?

The Perils of Urban Warefare, (S/J), phantomjam

Homemaking, (S&J), rageprufrock

Apologies For Large Feet, (S&J), black_eyedgirl

Constellations, (S&J), [spoilers for The Great Game], eponymous_rose

Thought Experiments, (S/J), libraryofsol

An Act of Charity, (S/J), wordstrings

Only Human, (S/J), irisbleufic

Reasons, (S/J), irisbleufic

Awake/Asleep, (S&J), cottonwoolfairy

The Khyber Knife, (S/J), [NC-17, warnings: consensual knife-play], ariadnes_string

To be fair..., (S/J), lilapaddy

It's All Fine, (S&J), flying_android

Bait and Lure, (S/Lestrade, S/J), suzie_shooter

Hush, (S/J), emerald_embers

First Time For Everything, (S/J), [NC-17], calicokat
# This author's Sherlock leans more sociopathic. Strangely believable within the show's characterization. His total lack of sentiment appeals to me, but his decided coldness may be off-putting or OC depending on your own interpretation of Sherlock. Keep this in mind as the next few are calicokat too.

we're just skin thin, (S/J), [warnings: character death], calicokat

Control, (S/J), [NC-17], calicokat

The More Things Stay The Same, (S&J), calicokat

London Calling, (S&J), chaletian

A Tale of Two Wars, (S&J), anonymous author
Lisa Marie
05 August 2010 @ 01:23 pm
I realized I've been making love to BBC Sherlock for nearly two weeks and have said nary a word about it here.

- In the unlikely but horrifying-to-contemplate possibility that you haven't seen them yet, this is John Watson's blog (make sure to read the comments, wherein Sherlock criticizes John for his lack of analysis in outlining their cases, and John says things like: It's your turn to buy the milk, Sherlock.), and this is Sherlock's website (again, make sure to read the forum, hee).

sherlockbbc has been providing me with all my Sherlock related fixes. There's fic, icons, GIFs, article links. Everything's neatly tagged, which is beautiful and shiny.

- Via that community I came across this brilliant, thorough essay (99 citations, WAT) by an obvious Holmes fan. It discusses the merits/similarities/differences of Sherlock to the original stories and to previous dramatic incarnations. It's basically a well-researched way for this writer to get his squee on about Sherlock, so obviously I approve, and the writer has a good eye for references to the texts one might miss first time around, and for pointing out ways that Sherlock did right by Doyle (or in some cases better). It was utterly enjoyable for me to read.

I can't come up with a much better episode reaction than the very brief squealy one that I typed out to barkinmad in her journal, so I shall reproduce here: episode 1 a study in pinkCollapse )

And then episode 2 the blind bankerCollapse )!

In sum:

Current Music: Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) ; arcade fire
Lisa Marie
(Started writing this circa the beginning of S3. Title from "Canadian Hunter's Song.")

warnings, highlight to read: character death.

drag the dun deer home

The first couple of times, before he got any good, he'd missed the animal's heart or head, and it died slow.Collapse )
Lisa Marie
24 August 2008 @ 10:25 pm
A bit more word vomit as the result of much enthusiasm over trock, as well as Doctor Who's The End of the World and New Earth.

Your Definition of Human.

body-leaper, here she comes
suddenly you're two in one
and now you're bursting at the seams
cassie with her lies and stealing
don't she make you wanna scream

doodle-men and shadow monsters
silver spiders, walking plagues
brains in cups and dried to death
what would mum and daddy say?

their sweet earth boy's an apocalypse girl
she's enough to make your insides curl
no lungs to breathe but breath to lie
and sigh in the end her own lullaby:

You poor, sweet thing.
Lisa Marie
12 August 2008 @ 11:58 pm
Because I was thinking for a bit today about trock, and then Journey's End:

The Weapons Factory.

Your little blue box gets them all muddled up
And when they come out they're all wrongside up.
Should you be ashamed of what they've become?
Blood on their hands and big fucking guns.
Ate up all the boys and the pink-yellow girls,
Spat out leaders of armies, killers of worlds.
Destroyer, don't fret, you're no taker of life,
Only the whetstone that sharpens the knife.
Lisa Marie
19 May 2008 @ 07:57 pm
dollsome wrote the best possible Ten and Donna fic probably anyone could've wished for.

last man (?) in the world, rated G.

There's a reference to 4x07's Unicorn and the Wasp, if anyone's being careful about spoilers.
Lisa Marie
11 April 2008 @ 10:50 pm
This Good Omens fic gives me shivers whenever I read it. It's short, packs a hell of a punch, rated G and still makes me go "Fuck" at the end. I love it like burning.

Like the Smoke of a Furnace (G) by daegaer.

God. God. God. I've read it maybe ten different times since I first read it - a year ago? more? - and it's still just as good. Better. God.
Lisa Marie
03 March 2008 @ 09:45 pm
Some things I wrote last week. I'm lame. And cheated lots. They're all the same. I think it's the first thing I've written in months, though.

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like. (Quick, is my HOPELESS INFATUATION WITH SAM WINCHESTER showing? Oh, it was. How embarrassing.)
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards!
(I lingered like a hooker on a street corner, baby. Lingered like nobody's business.)
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

Drabbles and downloads 'neath the cut.Collapse )
Lisa Marie
10 February 2008 @ 11:17 pm
Response to this meme. I think I got a wee bit too enthusiastic. In that I, um, seem to have ended up with Spike/Pam Beesley fic on my hands? It is not actual fic, in that it is not actually good. But there was some attempt to make it not MADE OF CRACK, even though they are. Because the thought of actual Pam/Spike was too made of .

Pam and Sylar got an unusual amount of attention in this meme.

1. Draco Malfoy
2. Spike
3. Sylar
4. Raven
5. Mohinder
6. Dean Winchester
7. Sam Winchester
8. Pam Beesly
9. River Tam
10. Dick Casablancas

This was more fun than it had any right to be.Collapse )