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11 September 2014 @ 10:58 pm
Hi, friends! It's been some time. I continue to post and reblog nonsense at Tumblr. Perhaps I will start cross-posting from Tumblr again, like I used to try to? Since LJ is so SO much better for discussion, the big thing I miss now that I mostly live on Tumblr.

After years of hemming and hawwing, I entered the barren wasteland of my AO3 account, which I normally use solely to bookmark things, and uploaded several of my Merlin summerpornathon challenge entries from '11 and '12. Only the ones I felt like cleaning up, since flammablehat is lovely and pointed me to a summerpornathon remix challenge that is happening this month. There were only a few that I could bear to think of other people reading again, especially since they are all of course rather porny and I am of course rather repressed, but perhaps I'll dig through my old entries again in a while and see if there are any others I want to revise and post! I am whirligigged on AO3 as well.

On a mildly related note...how does one acquire a beta? Or do people just suck it up and ask their friends? I just simply have no idea how my writing reads to people who aren't trapped in my brain with me, or where to begin to improve, and to hand my writing to someone and go "WHAT DO" seems horribly appealing.

One more writing question: these fics have been up for maybe a week and I am STILL going back in and changing around bits and even adding whole new bits on a whim. How do other people feel about significant revising after posting? I'm of two minds--if I don't change it I can go back and see how my writing was at a specific time in life, and see how far I have or haven't come. And as a reader, I like going back to things and revisiting old passages I remember, and if a work is constantly changing, that can be frustrating for a reader perhaps? But the fact that fic is online makes it potentially malleable and dynamic is so appealing too. People always say with writing, it's never done, and online fic is an opportunity to take advantage of that medium the way you can't with, say, a published book. And it's just plain fun.
Chapeu en Feuflammablehat on September 12th, 2014 09:38 pm (UTC)
Oh hai bb. Re: betas, I've found it much easier since I tricked Sophinisba to become rl friends with me because I can sort of casually give her things and she has NO ESCAPE mwahaha. Though tbh I have always found all of the gluttons to be super helpful and smart and lovely and wonderful, so if you're looking for things on a 'no-pressure' volunteer basis, you could always put a post in the alum comm? The only downside to that being that now that pthon is over I don't know that many people check LJ all that often so you might be waiting for a bit. :/ It is sad about most of fandom moving to Tumblr because LJ/DW are definitely better for conversations and all.

And since I am the one who's been harassing you about all this pthon and Merlin stuff you know I'm not gonna hesitate to insert myself again if you have need of a beta. Feel free to poke me any time! :D
Te: Merlin: A/M: Hugteprometo on September 17th, 2014 12:13 am (UTC)
Hi bb hi! I don't have the mental capacity to answer your questions, but HI!!!!
Jadezweelum on November 20th, 2014 11:23 pm (UTC)
jesus I didn't even know you were still using your LJ

how does one acquire a beta?

excuse you
Jadezweelum on November 20th, 2014 11:29 pm (UTC)
Also, with the stuff I write, I go back and change minor things if the mood takes me. Usually it's single sentences--I don't think I've ever revamped a whole passage--so it doesn't take long to do, and unless you have hundreds of readers it's doubtful anyone will notice anyway. (Oh, and my first drafts are usually still in Google Drive or saved on my computer, so if I really wanted to get a taste of Genuine 100% Unfiltered 2012 Writing Skill, I could do so.) I say go for it!
Lisa Mariewhirligigged on November 21st, 2014 04:09 pm (UTC)
Yes, I have taken to going back to my fic when I'm bored and cutting down my run-on sentences. Well, just grammatically accurate but UNREASONABLY long sentences. It's an endless task. Every time I think I've killed them all, I discover a virtually paragraphs-long rambling I've managed to ignore because it's written the way that I think.

Yes, maybe I should start keeping my first drafts somewhere. For some reason I took to writing all my stuff in my Gmail drafts?! So it'd be one long run-on block of text I've written while, like, on the train, and then all the editing so far has happened either in the draft itself or in the posting tool for AO3. Usually that's fine since I don't write very frequently, but I suppose it's not terribly sustainable...Google Drive would probably a more sensical way to go about it.
Lisa Marie: you are the moon.whirligigged on November 21st, 2014 04:05 pm (UTC)
Ha! If you have any interest whatsoever in editing random horrible slash snippets from Merlin, then you are ENTIRELY welcome to do so...