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12 June 2011 @ 06:23 pm
everything is gay mutants and everything hurts.  

This is mainly for my own reference, but there are already two kink memes happening for this movie, to my delight:




I've already downloaded two Erik/Charles fanmixes, oh God. This summer is going to be angsty songs about tragic gay love. Just when I had finished keeping fanmixes from The Social Network on repeat.

The first is here, and is by my dear anicetoseeya, who has been flailing with me for MONTHS about this movie before we had ever seen it because even the trailer, no, even the CONCEPT of this movie just screamed "GAY MUTANT LOVE" and it was instant fandom, of course.

The second is here, by boobarellie, and the post contains the unbelievably accurate sentence that is now the subject line of this blog post, and also probably my motto for the summer.

The rest of this post is super long and you shouldn't bother to read it all. Just. Please. Squee at me about Charles and Erik, and we can all caps lock together, okay?

Let's not be coy. I fucking loved it.

1. It did for me what "X-Men: The Last Stand" and "Wolverine" tried to do, which was to have a lot of cool mutants who we'd be excited to see--and many of whom we'd recognize (Emma Frost, Hank) from another context, be it the comics or the previous movies. With X3 and Wolverine overdid it and it showed, mostly in how I didn't care about any of the new characters. There was no time to care in between the action. A new person would have a cool fight so we could see the cool special effects they'd cooked up for the person's cool powers and then we would never see the person again (...Gambit. Just sayin').

I cared a ton about what happened to all the characters from X-Men 1 & 2, but their time got sandwiched in between all the new characters who only got enough time in the movie to justify putting them in the trailer so people could be excited that [Character] from the comics is in the movie. So everyone ends up shafted. Rogue! Why were you barely in X3! You were my girl.

Perhaps not everyone will agree, but I thought they got the numbers just about right with First Class. There were enough that it was exciting to see all those powers, and let's be real, the powers they got to show off were definitely awesome enough without needing anymore. Magneto's alone were FUCKING BADASS. They could not have come up with more epicness for that dude--the Nazi's helmets. The SUBMARINE (!!). The missiles. Totally fucking awesome.

But they kept the numbers down enough that I can actually, you know, remember who most of the characters are. I even remember most of their names, which let me tell you is SUPER RARE for any summer movie! I mean, it helped that that whole scene existed where they came up with nicknames for themselves and then demonstrated why these nicknames made sense, like a more superpowered, less awkward version of the name game.

2. I adore that the iconic nicknames of two eventually serious important men like "Professor X" and "Magneto" were contrived by a bunch of bored teenagers who were up too late hanging out in a living room--in other words, the way every band name in the world was thought up.

Charles's powers and the way they showed them: YES. I am thinking, of course, of the single tragic mantear that Charles and Erik wept in unison, I just, LEAVE ME HERE TO DIE.

But I am also thinking of when Charles was in Kevin Bacon's head when Erik fucking pushed a coin slowly through his brain. I was a little slow on the uptake here, but I finally caught on as the camera tracked across Kevin Bacon's head as the coin moved through, cutting back and forth as the camera did the same thing across Charles. I was like, why are we seeing the back of Charles's head--oh. Ow. Ow. That's kind of fucked up.

I suppose feeling the actual pain of the man dying at Erik's hand had no small part in Charles's final realization that his and Erik's philosophies were far too different for them to keep dating remain a team.

3. OKAY BACK TO THE GAY. Um. The breakup scene, can I just. Doctor Who has taught us all the horrible lesson that beach scenes are always bad news bears. If your OTP is on a beach, LOOK THE FUCK OUT.

This is where I descend into slash goggles flailing, but, ugh, Erik Erik Erik.

I really didn't expect it to go down this way. From the two seconds of gifs I saw on Tumblr before I closed it, going 'NOOO SPOILERS MY EEEYES,' I thought perhaps Erik would, I guess, defect (which he did) and injure Charles on purpose--not meaning to kill or paralyze him, just to stop Charles from stopping him. And Charles would be like Erik don't do this, and Erik would be all ~I have to~ and leave Charles on the beach to be helped out later, and basically I was expecting a break up with far more animosity than it had, because I just expect mostly black and white things out of movies these days and I should have known better, with Charles and Erik!

It sort of went down like that up to the part where Charles tried to stop him, but it was so much better for my shippy heart because of how the only thing Erik purposely did to Charles was punch him in the face. He even said, "I don't want to hurt you!"

Which is where I get to heartbroken shippy flailing, because Erik running to Charles aaah~ and holding Charles (...reverse Doctor/Master scene?) and taking the bullet out and cradling his head--a kiss on the forehead wouldn't have gone amiss, if that hadn't been a physical impossibility with the helmet. His trying to kill Moira so he could have someone to blame, to take out this new pain on. And the way he dropped her like nothing because Charles started to break up with him and obviously all of his attention was instantly on this. And not letting anyone touch Charles, no one being able to go to him before he allowed it. This is my favorite type of fucked-up fictional dude love, guys. MY FAVORITE. He would not let Charles go, not until Charles broke up with him, and he just...motioned over to Moira to take him and I COULD FEEL MY HEART BREAKING.

(I have this whole sad storyline in my head where Erik was terribly in love with Charles all along, and Charles knew, of course, and they both acknowledged it, perhaps silently or in so many words, that this was the case.

Charles letting Mystique go with Erik. MY CREYS. Again, I was expecting a far more bitter breakup, but instead the whole thing was just sad and heartbreaking, two dudes who were super in love with each other but couldn't make it work. ;______; It was thoroughly well done and perfectly in keeping with their lifelong unlikely friendship.

And the chess games throughout. A+.

4. I loved Mystique's storyline. With Hank, and how Charles was her first friend--unexpected to me! That was a pretty sweet twist in my opinion because, far more interesting. One of the best parts about the X-Men movies is the constantly shifting loyalties and allies throughout, so making Charles and Mystique have a history was just one more really excellent frenemyship to add to reasons why I enjoy these movies so much.

5. I fucking love how the first portion of the movie, right up to the moment Erik and Charles meet, was basically two movies: One was an X-Men movie. The other was a Nazi revenge film, a la "Inglorious Basterds," whose B-plot consisted of dressing Michael Fassbender in lots of different hot-ass outfits.

I love how fashionable Erik was during his spy/vengeance portion of the film, all the best fashions of the 1960s...and also, a wetsuit. FOUR FOR YOU, X-MEN. YOU GO, X-MEN.

6. Lol the het. I'm sorry, but Moira could have felt a lot less obligatory. I even liked Emma Frost, dudes, and I was fully prepared to be annoyed by her. Instead she was all badass (predictably but also fairly awesomely) and often annoyed with Kevin Bacon and his sexist asshattery (unexpected and awesome).

I didn't mind the Magneto/Mystique at all (AND THE REBECCA ROMIJN CAMEO, that was surprising and really pleasing!), I think it was spot on as the start of the relationship they have in the other X-Men movies. I really really love his insistence that Raven was beautiful, the way that he quietly got her on his side because that was the way she needed to see the world.

So clearly this movie's het was not awful on principle. So seriously, why wasn't Moira more interesting? She wound up just being a straight up plot device with the added feature of obligatory love interest (they did not even try, did they? just had him kiss her at the end because she was the single female that happened to be around for some of the movie, so of course they'd be romantically interested in each other!).

7. I know I'm not the only person who saw this: Havoc/Darwin. For me, and I'm sure any slash shippers will find this grasping at straws familiar, shipping them started instantly when they were playing pinball, and then they heard the weird noise that was the start of the attack by Kevin Bacon. Darwin was like, what was that! And he walks off, sliding his hand against Havoc's stomach to...get his attention and feel up his abs, because he's a problem solver, I guess. So literally by the end of this scene and Darwin's death, I had gone all the way from forgetting who they were to shipping them to being heartbroken about my new OTP because Darwin actually gazed into Havoc's eyes and reached one hand out to him as he died. Which I think is a pretty good run and basis for legitimate shipping, actually, as far as shipping peripheral characters goes.

8. Although, kind of depressing that the only two characters of color (...I think the hurricane guy who hung out with Kevin Bacon was supposed to be Mexican? But the whole time I'd thought he was white) were the only two on the team to either die halfway through the movie, or defect to the unsympathetic bad guys from the good guys' side. :|

9. Did they use the same footage in this film that they did in the other one to depict Erik's first manifestation of his powers, in the concentration camps in Poland? It looked the same, but I could be wrong!

God, that part was just. I got chilled to the bone when they cut to the other side of the room and WHAT THE FUCK A LAB WITH KNIVES AND NO. FUCK. NO.

They did a fantastic job of making Erik sympathetic; his horrific backstory fleshed out, his rage, the bar scene being the superb setup to, ultimately, Charles's unintentional and echo of the phrase--"They're just following orders." That was perfect.

10. Hank's line, "You didn't ask, so I didn't tell." Love.
Observed behaving suspiciously in Strasbourgh: Misc - Fishnets & Malicebendtothesun on June 12th, 2011 05:35 pm (UTC)
Did they use the same footage in this film that they did in the other one to depict Erik's first manifestation of his powers, in the concentration camps in Poland? It looked the same, but I could be wrong!

It was very very close. After the movie I came back and watched X 1&2 and it was pretty much a re-film of shot to shot (except for they needed a new kid) and a little tweaking so it fit the storyllne of this one. Which was pretty neat.

Also about partyway through Erik climbing into the boat my friend leaned over to me and went, does he know he accidentally swam into a James Bond movie? Which forever cracks me up as Michael Fassbender is a perfect old skool James Bond, hell Kevin Bacon was totally an old skool James Bond villian.

All in all though Erik/Charles makes my heart pretty much weep every time I think about them. They're so tragic that it sort of hurts because everyone knows how it ends, how eventually in X-2 Magneto is willing to kill Charles fully out to get what he wants. Even if he will miss him (not that First Class fits into movie canon at all but like, the song remains the same etc.)

I think Raven and Charles was a bit more painful for me because it was so unexpected. They were like siblings and cuddly and adorable and then she slowly pulled away and you're like NO WHY OMG. It was so painful because Jennifer Lawrence played her *so* well and pretty much made me believe every single relationship she had.

Yeah so this movie gets all my creys and then some.
Lisa Mariewhirligigged on June 12th, 2011 06:38 pm (UTC)
YOU MAKE ME SO HAPPY WITH YOUR CANON CHECKING THANK YOU. <3 Obviously I don't have my DVDs in Japan. IT'S HARD OUT HERE FOR A GANGSTA. I was so confused because I was convinced it was the same footage, but obviously the child looked exactly the same in that as he did in the new scenes with Kevin Bacon, and I was like, I HAVE NO IDEA. *HANDS*

Ahahaha. Scifi, Nazi revenge rampage, James Bond--this movie has EVERYTHING.

Raven and Charles were heartbreakingly sweet. You are right. I knew I'd cry at Charles and Erik breaking up, so it was okay, but then Charles told her to go to Erik, though she'd have been willing to stay with him even and I cried even more, and NOW I APPARENTLY AM TEARING UP AGAIN.

"the song remains the same"
What a perfect way to describe it! I normally get all fussed about canon, but...really, it stayed so true to what I pretty much feel like is the core of their relationship through the first 3 movies, PLUS even more romance than I expected, that I don't mind. I can't even call it bromance, it is too tragic. They were just in love, it doesn't even matter if they weren't having sex. I guess I've come to be able to forgive the most blatant of technical inconsistencies if they make the emotional story good enough.

God you are showing me how long it's been since I've actually seen these movies, considering they were the staples of my not long ago teenagerdom. When in X2 did Magneto show he was willing to kill Charles? I assume it had to do with Cerebro, I just utterly DO NOT remember because clearly I'm the worst. (And let's be honest, the most recent few times I watched, I believe I was DEEP in my Bobby/Johnny phase and they probably took up much of my hormonally charged focus, lmao). But yeah JESUS CHRIST THEY ARE TRAGIC.
Observed behaving suspiciously in Strasbourgh: Astronomy - Milky Waybendtothesun on June 12th, 2011 07:27 pm (UTC)
:D YOU ARE WELCOME. I AM HERE TO HELP THOSE WITHOUT! Yeah pretty much they just re-filmed the stuff that needed refilming with the new kid and kept it pretty much the same. Which was a nice touch. Also I can never call Kevin Bacon by Shaw. It's like BUT HE'S JUST KEVIN BACON BEING AN EVIL NAZI SURE BUT STILL KEVIN BACON.

It just needed some faces melting off the Nazis and we would have had some Indiana Jones as well.


The thing about canon is less about Xavier and Magneto and more like wtf is Havok doing there? I love Havok but he's Scott Summers younger brother which would make Scott around Xavier's age and just like I CAN'T DO THIS MOVIE, WHY CAN'T YOU BE SO NICE AND COMPLIANT WITH THE OTHER MOVIES? And also like the fact that Hank built Cerebro instead of Xavier and Magento (which i think Hank building it makes more sense as that sort of stuff isn't even slightly within their knowledge base). So those are like my complaints re: canon compliance (and I will never get over the Scott thing unfortunately as he's like my baby and I'm all WUT ARE YOU DOING STUPID MOVIE?) and like I'm usually right in the emotional story good enough so this is a strange new experience for me.

That's it totally. They were in love. I mean I wouldn't even call them bff as they both had their agendas and I think the love thing just snuck up on them because Charles tends to care too much and Erik didn't even realize he needed to guard before it was too late. And like god they're so stupidly in love that they weren't even thinking about the future and then it was just tragedy. And now I have this urge to just lay in bed and bawl for them because OH MY GOD THEY ARE A DISASTER.

It was Cerebro. Stryker had Xavier hooked up to it and targeting all the mutants to kill them. Magneto busts in with the X-team and instead of saving Xavier changes the machine so it targets all humans (even though he knows that killing all them would also kill Xavier because of the mind link) and then is like "goodbye old friend" and rests his hand on the back of Xavier's chair before leaving. HOW DO THEY LIVE BEING THIS TRAGIC?

Duuuuuuuude Bobby/John I was rewatching it and went OH MY GOD YOU TWO boys I had forgotten that you two were being all woobie eyed at each other (they're probably the only reason I'll rewatch X-3 as it's a great movie in terms of interaction with them. Not so much in every other aspect). wtf is it with x-men boys being so goddamn tragic? (then again I ship Scott/Logan as well and they're just sort of antagonist so that's like a healing balm at this point).
Lisa Mariewhirligigged on June 13th, 2011 07:28 am (UTC)
That is interesting and surprisingly dedicated of them! And yes, I really HAD to call him Kevin Bacon in this post and I am terribly pleased that you completely understand this unchangeable fact of Kevin Bacon's Kevin Bacon-ness.

I am dying for a sequel to this movie, with more Charles and Erik and Charles and Raven angst aaah. I don't know why I want so badly to put our souls in such pain again. BUT IT IS SUCH A GOOD ANGSTY PAIN.

Huh, I didn't know Havok was Scott's brother. Is this movie-canon or comic-canon? If it was movie canon that they just ignored, that's prettyyy sad. I know very very little about comic-canon, but from what I've heard I was under the impression that the movies didn't bother to stay all that close to the source material and just picked and chose what canon they liked, as seems to be the case with most of these comic reboots--was this the case with Havok? I don't have a huge problem with that, obviously because I know pathetically little about the comics, but I understand how that could mess with your head if you knew that fact beforehand and then they seemed to just throw it out the window.

I wouldn't even call them bff as they both had their agendas and I think the love thing just snuck up on them
This rings really true to me! I suppose Charles was technically Erik's best friend considering he was, um, pretty much his only friend. But their friendship literally started out with Charles saving his life as he connected with Erik's deepest and darkest pain! From moment one they forged a connection--excuse me for sounding IMPOSSIBLY SAPPY--that was actually soul deep in the closest to literal way possible, considering Charles's power. Which definitely isn't the natural/usual way to start out as buddies, so they basically skipped that whole stage and moved straight into epic. The only thing I can think of besides "in love" was how Erik said they were brothers, which if you aren't related is basically just the hetero way of saying you are in love.

Thank you for reminding me! That's...predictably heartbreaking. Goodbye, old friend, GOD THESE TWO ARE THE WORST/BEST. This is...I can't decide if this is even more wrenching in light of the new movie, having seen just how intense their relationship was before the break, but also how deeply fucked up Erik's circumstances were, which makes his ruthlessness and means almost understandable if not at all condonable. Like I am actually trying to comfort myself right now by going, it's not that he doesn't love Charles, it's just that he got so seriously fucked up before Charles ever got to him and nothing can really fix it or take it back. Sob.

OMG YOU LOVE BOBBY/JOHN TOOOO. I felt like such a cliche shipping them but SERIOUSLY. I got hooked on them in X2, and then X3 happened and basically what little screen time they had together, the movie made sure to fucking RUN WITH IT. Their moment in the crowd and the epic final battle and fdafa;kfa; tragiccc. I probably read them all years ago but I need a million more fics where Bobby managed to drag John off the island before he got killed and they have a *~second chance~*.
Staci Ann.: squee; kris allen ♫anicetoseeya on June 13th, 2011 04:32 am (UTC)


Lisa Marie: you are the moon.whirligigged on June 13th, 2011 06:16 am (UTC)
LMAO. I'M SORRY. YOU POOR DEAR. Is this a death-feeling that should be solved with lots of greasy food and Advil?
Staci Ann.anicetoseeya on June 16th, 2011 03:42 am (UTC)
I haven't been online much in the past few days, I DID NOT DIE, I PROMISE. And yes, greasy food & Advil was the cure for my pain, well most of it besides the crippling un-classiness I was feeling but I'll get over it, I think. I of course have to come back to this post to read all of your thoughts & feelings on this movie of epic proportions.

Comment time:

1. I will be forever bitter about Gambit. GAMBIT IS MY GUY. HE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS & HE GOT THE SHAFT. And Rogue! Both of them....I adore them & they could've done so much with both of them but alas, FAIL.

But I agree....I think this movie had the right amount where it wasn't OVERWHELMING or anything.


It was just too heartbreaking for me. Like you said, I kind of expected Erik to purposely injure/fight with Charles because he'd be all WE CAN'T GO ON BEING BFF'S/LOVERS ANYMORE CHARLES! But he accidentally hurt Charles & was so upset that he had hurt him & IT BROKE MY HEART. I cried like a little bitch. THANKS A LOT BOYS, THANKS A LOT. I just...ugh, it killed me.

Especially because in my head Charles shoud've been all:

and then Erik would be all:

AND THEN THEY WOULD HAVE SEX & GET MARRIED & ADOPT MUTANT BABIES & COULD HAVE A BIG GAY MUTANT FAMILY TOGETHER. Obviously I should've been a writer for this movie & then it would have ended up fabulously!

Okay, I'm getting of track here. Continuing on....

3. I was seriously all seal-clappy when I saw bb!Mystique & bb!Charles together! I loved that storyline with them & was a little sad that we didn't get to see more of them when they were younger but there was plenty of more movie to be had, so that's understandable.

4. I didn't really get Moira at all. She's very forgettable to me & I think that she could have been a great character....but they ruined it. FAIL WHALE.

5. AHHHH, HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT HAVOC/DARWIN. I so was shipping it & then I was just like 'STOP IT STACI, YOU WILL SHIP THE HELL OUT OF ANYONE WITHIN 50 FEET OF EACH OTHER....STOP!'. So I'm glad that I am not alone....there was something there, THERE WAS.

6. Yes, the beginning was the same as the other movie! At least, that's what my dad kept SCREAMING AT ME in the beginning. He was seriously like "I AM SO GLAD THEY USED THE SAME FOOTAGE! Staci, look! It's the same!" while I'm sitting there ready to DIE at what's about to play out on the screen before me.

But yeah, the concentration camp scenes were hardcore. I thought they did a really great job showing Erik's past & everything. So good.

7. UGH, HANK....HOW I LOVED HIM. Asides from freaking about Charles/Erik for months I have been freaking out at the fact that Nicholas Hoult was going to be in the movie & was even MORE excited when I found out who he was playing. I think he did a great job! The boy is lovely.

And not gonna lie, I wanted to start shipping these two as well because they're both adorable:

TL;DR You already know my feelings about this movie but seriously ksgnskldghaklgnsklgnmsagmla;gm;'g! I really want to see it in theater again before it leaves because I am that kind of person who needs to go see movies multiple times in theaters. Yep.

(Dear God, I downloaded 2 songs in the course of writing this to you to add to the next mix[es]. Karma Police by Radiohead & Maps (Yeah Yeah Yeah's cover) by Rogue Wave. My brain is a scary place sometimes.)
Lisa Marie: you are the moon.whirligigged on June 16th, 2011 06:41 am (UTC)


I am glad I'm not the only one who got ripped up by how the divorce ended up playing out. Charles was the one who broke up with him! This was the most heart-destroying part to me, and then Erik stared into his eyes with heartbreak for, I'm not kidding, fourteen seconds. I ACTUALLY JUST COUNTED, with the shitty version I downloaded. ERIK'S LIFE SUCKS SO HARD. I kind of prefer it this way, please see my huge kink regarding emotionally stunted/repressed characters who hold all of themselves back, and are convinced they'll their heart broken and then get their heart broken anyway, mostly due to the emotional fucked upness in the first place. (THOUGH I LIKE IT BETTER WHEN EVERYTHING IS FIXED AFTERWARD WITH PORN, RATHER THAN REMAINS BROKEN FOREVER.)

So someone above informed me of this, but apparently they did reshoot the camps scene, because they had to use the new actor playing Young Erik what with the new scenes with him, but the reshoot was shot-for-shot exactly the same! That is dedication.

Hankkk. He was breaking my heart this whole movie a little. I like how sad and emotionally damaging his outlook was--and the effect it had on Mystique as well as himself. I guess I like how it's clear he was flawed but had grown (I also like how Charles sort of felt the same, to a lesser extent, which we saw during his conversation with Mystique, and how he'll grow himself. ;____;).

Dude, excuse my shitty screencap, but WE ARE OF ONE MIND. The moment that made me suddenly interested in Hank/Sean:

And Charles is looking over like, um.

Dude, that Maps cover especially is making me flail because I already have it on my iTunes and yes it is perfecttt. Staci, you delight me soooo.