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Lisa Marie
10 July 2020 @ 03:01 am

This journal is friends only, for a given value of "friends only," anyway.

Drop me a line right here. ☺

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Lisa Marie
I posted about finally putting some fics up on AO3 from the Merlin summerpornathon, but I realized I haven't really updated since the Team Gluttony Remix Challenge finished up!

+ glim wrote a wonderful, haunting retelling of a Morgana/Arthur(/Merlin) fic I wrote. The remix: My river runs to thee (The Five Silver Streams Remix)

+ Wrote a Merlin/Arthur remix for glim's fic Out of the dead land. The remix: Save for the Ashes (The Out of the Dead Land Remix)

+ And also a very girly fanmix/photoshopped fanart for glim's Morgana/Gwen fic, A Sweet Disorder, because I was procrastinating on writing the actual fic, eek.

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Lisa Marie
11 September 2014 @ 10:58 pm
Hi, friends! It's been some time. I continue to post and reblog nonsense at Tumblr. Perhaps I will start cross-posting from Tumblr again, like I used to try to? Since LJ is so SO much better for discussion, the big thing I miss now that I mostly live on Tumblr.

After years of hemming and hawwing, I entered the barren wasteland of my AO3 account, which I normally use solely to bookmark things, and uploaded several of my Merlin summerpornathon challenge entries from '11 and '12. Only the ones I felt like cleaning up, since flammablehat is lovely and pointed me to a summerpornathon remix challenge that is happening this month. There were only a few that I could bear to think of other people reading again, especially since they are all of course rather porny and I am of course rather repressed, but perhaps I'll dig through my old entries again in a while and see if there are any others I want to revise and post! I am whirligigged on AO3 as well.

On a mildly related note...how does one acquire a beta? Or do people just suck it up and ask their friends? I just simply have no idea how my writing reads to people who aren't trapped in my brain with me, or where to begin to improve, and to hand my writing to someone and go "WHAT DO" seems horribly appealing.

One more writing question: these fics have been up for maybe a week and I am STILL going back in and changing around bits and even adding whole new bits on a whim. How do other people feel about significant revising after posting? I'm of two minds--if I don't change it I can go back and see how my writing was at a specific time in life, and see how far I have or haven't come. And as a reader, I like going back to things and revisiting old passages I remember, and if a work is constantly changing, that can be frustrating for a reader perhaps? But the fact that fic is online makes it potentially malleable and dynamic is so appealing too. People always say with writing, it's never done, and online fic is an opportunity to take advantage of that medium the way you can't with, say, a published book. And it's just plain fun.
Lisa Marie
05 December 2013 @ 02:47 pm
I was invited to see the Spike Lee remake of Oldboy this weekend, and in preparation I watched the original last night.

My immediate reactions are as follows, listed in chronological order as I felt them while watching:
  1. Love how stylized this movie is. It almost reminded me of The Brothers Bloom? I'm a sucker for movies with heightened, obvious aesthetics, because FUN. PRETTY. Especially when it's so vivid and kinetic, like it was here.

  2. Why is the treatment of women in this movie so weird. And by weird, I mean borderline rapey. And by borderline rapey, I mean when it's not outright rapey.


I am a very mature movie critic.

I hear there's some deconstruction of the family unit and Korean masculinity in this movie that I wasn't able to appreciate while watching, not being much acquainted with South Korean culture. This, and the almost universal appreciation I've heard for Oldboy in the past, and my own still-percolating and very much mixed feelings about the movie, make me want to read some good analyses of Oldboy. Which I totally can't find. All I'm coming across are confused people theorizing about the ending, and non-spoilery reviews praising its raw emotion and genre-bending. Google, why you playing me like this.

Has anyone else seen this and have thoughts on its deeper meanings, cultural or otherwise?
Lisa Marie
12 July 2012 @ 09:33 pm

trouble is a friend; a morgana mix | download

the sleepwalker; cat power
i've heard all this before / already I know / a lost soul - i won't say anymore

trouble is a friend; lenka
trouble is a friend, but trouble is a foe / and no matter what i feed him, he always seems to grow

look out young son; grand ole party
i must be the devil's daughter / what a dark father to dwell in me

hold on, hold on; neko case
the most tender place in my heart is for strangers / i know it's unkind, but my own blood is much too dangerous

that's okay; the hush sound
you were a child who was made of glass / you carried a black heart passed down from your dad / if somebody loved you, they'd tell you by now / we all turn away when you're down

losing sleep; charlotte sometimes
i'm awake and i've been losing sleep / i've been fighting all my demons, i've been getting weak / cause i've been trying, trying, trying to be anything other than me

what do you go home to?; explosions in the sky
{ instrumental }

pursuit of happiness (cover); lissie
tell me what you know about them night terrors every night / five am, cold sweats waking up to the skies
Lisa Marie
30 June 2012 @ 12:26 am

little drop of poison; a lydia+peter mix | download

nightmare ; artie shaw and his orchestra
{ instrumental }

marla; grizzly bear
i've looked in the chest where i thought it should be / i've looked in the greenhouses - one, two and three 

little drop of poison; tom waits
i like my town with a little drop of poison / nobody knows they're lining up to go insane

live with me; massive attack
child, nothing's right if you ain't here / i'd give all that i have, just to keep you near

on and on and on; wilco
please don't cry, we're designed to die / don't deny what's inside

color me once; violent femmes
dead men working a sinner, a saint / mixing up a pail of paint / painted the house, black as night / when the sun came up the house was white

the teeth collector; pretty girls make graves
but your venom's weak in my blood / your poison scabs, coagulated / your hardest try is never enough

theme from to kill a dead man; portishead
{ instrumental }
Lisa Marie
Sirius Black crying over Remus Lupin is one of the best things. (Remus/Sirius is an occasional but usually sudden craving that I must indulge about twice a year, and now is that time.)

I just read rageprufrock's Seven Things That Never Happened At Hogwarts On Valentines Day, Or Maybe They Did, which included both crying, pining Sirius and furious-over-the-Prank Remus, and I've been rendered starry-eyed and want to clutch it to my meagre but enthusiastic bosom, if bosoms can be enthusiastic. Like, OH MY GOD:
He could instruct himself to be good, to stop being horrible, but it didn't matter then, because Sirius was sitting on the ground, knees dirty and crying and Remus could think of nothing else in the world he wanted more.
EVERYTHING I WANT. It's best because it all has a happy ending, of course. Sorry to spoil, but I felt I should mention because that quote sounds rather dark, and I find my interest in a fic drops off drastically if I think it won't end with sparkly rainbows.

The rest of the fic is good, though not precisely my style--at times the logic veered into cracky territory, not my thing, and at one point a boy gets turned temporarily into a girl but the narrative starts calling him "she," which rubbed me the wrong way. Yet if this fic were a book I owned, it would soon be worn out and the spine cracked at the part that has crying, pining, Sirius.

To tell the truth, I am too lazy and my internet to slow to turn to delicious or Google and comb through potentially awful fics, so I put this to you, flist: Anyone have Remus/Sirius recs where Remus is truly mad about the Prank? I only seem to find the ones where he handwaves it, which makes me pout. Bonus points if he really chews Sirius out over it.
Current Music: the kill - jimmy eat world
Lisa Marie

This is mainly for my own reference, but there are already two kink memes happening for this movie, to my delight:




I've already downloaded two Erik/Charles fanmixes, oh God. This summer is going to be angsty songs about tragic gay love. Just when I had finished keeping fanmixes from The Social Network on repeat.

The first is here, and is by my dear anicetoseeya, who has been flailing with me for MONTHS about this movie before we had ever seen it because even the trailer, no, even the CONCEPT of this movie just screamed "GAY MUTANT LOVE" and it was instant fandom, of course.

The second is here, by boobarellie, and the post contains the unbelievably accurate sentence that is now the subject line of this blog post, and also probably my motto for the summer.

The rest of this post is super long and you shouldn't bother to read it all. Just. Please. Squee at me about Charles and Erik, and we can all caps lock together, okay?

Right, then, on with discussing Charles and Erik's tragic romance.Collapse )
Lisa Marie


This primer is for those who want to read the slash for seasons 3-4, but haven't the time to watch all the relevant episodes (yet). 

This was prompted on Tumblr by a friend who asked, "Wait...do I need to watch the show to read the fanfiction?" since there are darned good authors in this fandom and not really enough time in the day to watch all the shows we want to. Because we want to watch ALL THE SHOWS.

PS, you now know the reason this post has so much caps lock is because it was born on Tumblr. 

zweelum  got me hooked on Due South and now I have to spread the word of gay. SADLY, IT IS NOT ACTUALLY GAY, but is fairly gay in all other respects, and also delightful in its off-beat humor.

If you just want to read the (excellent) fic in this fandom, I'll have you know that I started off just on YouTube clips, though now I have watched seasons 3 and 4. This show's quirky sensibilities are amazing, so I recommend you do get around to watching it.

If you do feel like watching the show, all 4 seasons are on YouTube. S3 starts here.

THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT DUE SOUTH, some of which is totes copied from Wikipedia. Key words are bolded!

1. Benton Fraser is a Canadian Mountie who first came to Chicago on trail of the killers of his father, and for reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, he stayed on as liaison to the Canadian Consulate. (This is word-for-word how he introduces himself on the show to anyone who asks.) Fraser is amazing at just about everything, including singing, apprehending criminals, smelling and licking evidence for clues, tangents about Canada, and politely evading the many women who hit on him. Fraser is not amazing at having a personal life.

2. Ray Vecchio was Fraser's partner and good friend in seasons 1&2, but has been now sent deep undercover with the mob. (aka Put On A Bus)

3. Detective Stanley Raymond Kowalski--just Ray--is brought in at the start of S3 to impersonate Vecchio for his own protection till Vecchio can return. (Lampshading the common trope on TV shows of bringing in a new actor after another leaves to play the same character, the two look nothing alike--RayV's super Italian, RayK is a spiky-haired blonde Polack.) This meant taking on Ray's friend and unofficial partner, Fraser, who was on vacation at the time of the "switch" and returned to find RayK at RayV's desk claiming to be Vecchio, and Fraser's confusion isn't cleared up until due hilarity ensues.  Ray's personality's as spiky as his hair, and despite a cool guy act, Ray's something of an outsider, just as Fraser is. They become true friends and partners.

  • [Longish, but worth watching to at least to 6:20 or so: "Meet RayK"]

4. EXES: Ray has an ex-wife named Stella who is the DA and I guess gets with Vecchio at the end of the series? Fraser was involved with a criminal, Victoria, with whom he had a brief torrid love affair until she got herself caught in season 1 or 2, IDK.

5. FRASER'S ASSOCIATES: Fraser has a deaf half-wolf named Diefenbaker (Dief), to whom Fraser talks, and who judging from Fraser's conversations with him appears to respond. Fraser's father is a ghost who has an office in Fraser's closet (it's bigger on the inside).

6. SIDE CHARACTERS: Frannie, Vecchio's sister, who works at the station and has the hots for Frase; Thatcher, Fraser's bossy boss at the Canadian Consulate; Turnbull, a fellow Mountie at the Canadian Consulate who is even more eccentric than Fraser is, and prone to weeping when moved; Welsh, the world-weary lieutenant at the Chicago police station; Huey and Duey, fellow Chicago cops and partners.

7. At the end of the series, Fraser and Ray decide to go on an expedition to quest for some Canadian artifact. They dogsled off into the Canadian sunset together.

* There is lots of fic that takes place post-series involving #7, much of which involves huddling for warmth.



A random fic that is good and fairly short seems a place to get started: Ping! by Speranza. I say random because any DS fic by her is good. Also, any by Resonant (for example, Housekeeping is a good post-series fic).


Lisa Marie
31 October 2010 @ 12:05 pm
Heeere is a really great Sherlock fic! I'm super into John/Sherlock, if you couldn't tell, so I very rarely read gen. But this Molly!fic is hugely satisfying. My guts are grinning from reading it.

it's time for a few small repairs, she said, (warnings: vague references to past child abuse), fialleril, sum - Molly came home with a vengeance.

My favorite quote. "Molly dealt mostly with dead people, and she thought at times that she might prefer them. Most of them were perfectly honest for the first time in their lives."