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05 December 2013 @ 02:47 pm
I was invited to see the Spike Lee remake of Oldboy this weekend, and in preparation I watched the original last night.

My immediate reactions are as follows, listed in chronological order as I felt them while watching:
  1. Love how stylized this movie is. It almost reminded me of The Brothers Bloom? I'm a sucker for movies with heightened, obvious aesthetics, because FUN. PRETTY. Especially when it's so vivid and kinetic, like it was here.

  2. Why is the treatment of women in this movie so weird. And by weird, I mean borderline rapey. And by borderline rapey, I mean when it's not outright rapey.


I am a very mature movie critic.

I hear there's some deconstruction of the family unit and Korean masculinity in this movie that I wasn't able to appreciate while watching, not being much acquainted with South Korean culture. This, and the almost universal appreciation I've heard for Oldboy in the past, and my own still-percolating and very much mixed feelings about the movie, make me want to read some good analyses of Oldboy. Which I totally can't find. All I'm coming across are confused people theorizing about the ending, and non-spoilery reviews praising its raw emotion and genre-bending. Google, why you playing me like this.

Has anyone else seen this and have thoughts on its deeper meanings, cultural or otherwise?